Web Host Concentric Offers Encrypted Instant Messaging

Web host Concentric is offering Encrypted Instant Messaging geared towards SMBs, it was announced recently. The Concentric Business Messenger is “an enterprise-class, encrypted, fully managed messaging and collaboration solution” that, according to the company, “helps employees communicate more efficiently using real-time instant messaging without the security risks of a public chat service”.

"Concentric Business Messenger is part of our continued strategy to provide our SMB customers with enterprise-class applications at affordable prices," explained Concentric’s President, Craig Collins. "A growing concern for SMBs is the increase in instances where worms or viruses enter their network through a public instant messaging network. By using Concentric Business Messenger, SMBs can have the benefits of chat without the risks while enabling employees to stay connected in the office and on the go."

Concentric Business Messenger is a fully hosted service that “requires no hardware or software to be purchased, configured, installed, or maintained.” It encrypts communications with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which, according to the company, “gives SMBs security comparable to online banking applications”. It is independent of email platforms meaning you can use it with your own email server or using Concentric email services.

Concentric Business Messenger is based on the open standard XMPP for compatibility with a wide variety of chat clients. Other features and benefits include an easy-to-use contact list, online status notification, secure chat rooms, and contact groups with profiles.

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