Web Host Globat Launches Massive TeraByte Hosting Plans

August 18, 2005
August 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Los Angeles-based web host Globat.com, today announced the release of the "T-Series" of TeraByte Package web hosting products offering new higher bandwidth limits on all web hosting services, including up to 20,000 MB of storage and over 400 GB of data transfer per month, surpassing all current industry standards.

"Globat.com engineers calculate that with these new limits, we offer at a minimum more than three-and-a-half terabytes of effective bandwidth per year with even our smallest web hosting accounts," said Globat's CEO, Ben R. Neumann. "Globat.com was a leader in breaking the gigabyte-limit barrier for storage and transfer rates two years ago. As the cost of bandwidth decreases, we are committed to lead the industry again in passing along this value directly to our customers with our new TeraByte Package series."

Globat.com is offering the T-Series web hosting with no increase in standard package price, including free domain names, unlimited number of email accounts, PromoPakT marketing tools, spam guards and $50 credit for Yahoo!R keyword purchase, remaining a top competitor in budget web hosting starting at the rate of $7.95/month. Despite having such an aggressive pricing policy
Globat.com offers exceptional customer service. In a recent survey, 91% of customers rated their experience with Globat's customer service "Very Good to Outstanding."

"This combination of competitive pricing with upgraded features and improved services raises the bar for the industry, offering our partners and affiliates competitive advantages not found at other web hosting companies," said Chris Ueland, Globat's COO. "With the integration of our free domain name service, and Globat's new executive team, support staff, and improving track record for uptime and response, Globat simply offers more for the money when every dollar counts."

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