Web Host Globat Signs OnResponse.com Founder Scott Averbach

June 16, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Los Angeles-based web hosting provider Globat.com, today announced the appointment of former OnResponse.com founder & CEO Scott Averbach to take over the hosting firm's online marketing department.

Averbach is responsible for all of Globat.com's online marketing functions, including market strategy and development; affiliate and reseller marketing; product marketing and management; and channel enablement.

"Scott brings a proven track record of pioneering online marketing to our firm," said Globat.com's CEO Ben R. Neumann. "He has the market expertise, the breadth of skills, the leadership, and the drive to build an effective global marketing program. He is a very welcome
addition to our team."

Before Globat.com, Averbach founded and served as President & CEO of leading online CPA network OnResponse.com, which he sold in a highly publicized transaction to ValueClick, Inc. in 2001. After the acquisition he joined ValueClick's executive team until late 2002, when he became President of content and web production company Sialogic, Inc.

Averbach got his start in the web hosting industry in 1997 when he became network engineer of, at that time, the world's largest hosting company Hiway Technologies, which was later acquired by Verio. Based on his experience, he is used to and motivated by the demanding technical side of the web hosting industry.

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