Web Host HostSkye Upgrades Security and Offers PHP 5.5.5 AND PHP 5.4.21

January 1, 2014
Web Host HostSkye Upgrades Security and Offers PHP 5.5.5 AND PHP 5.4.21
Web host HostSkye has upgraded its server security and now offers PHP 5.5.5 AND PHP 5.4.21 as Operating System (OS) options. The company, which offers a range of "avant-garde shared hosting technologies", has a full suite of hosting services which include shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting alongside domain name options.

The company has added the ModSecurity Apache plugin to each of its web hosting servers, meaning they are now protected from "brute force" attacks. ModSecurity is free software released under the Apache license 2.0 which acts as a web application layer firewall and provides a range of filtering and security features for Apache Servers.

The solution protects against brute force attacks which occur when someone is trying to access an account by trying to determine a user name and password combination by guessing and trying what they could be. Now, should there by 15 failed login attempts to access a HostSkye account from any IP address within 3 minutes, the IP address will be blocked for 30 minutes.

HostSkye has also announced the launch of the latest stable PHP releases on its servers. PHP 5.4.21 and PHP 5.3.27. The updates fix a range of reported bugs including 10 bug fixes for PHP 5.4.21. PHP 5.3.27 is the last official update and will receive only security fixes in future.

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