Web Host LFC Hosting Announces Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Support

March 4, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host LFC Hosting has announced support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, it was reported recently. The Canadian company has introduced support for the solution “as part of its commitment to introducing the latest stable software releases and keeping its customers at the forefront of technological developments”.

"We always look for offerings that provide clients with increased reliability, better performance and reduced overhead - all characteristics of SQL Server 2008," suggested the President of LFC Hosting, Robert Sauchyn.

SQL Server 2008 is the latest SQL Server release, and according to the company, it "makes creating and maintaining databases that much more foolproof". The solution is being offered at no extra charge to all LFC hosting customers. It allows users to create, import and maintain databases through LFC’s proprietary Control Panel, and users can also manage database DSNs, users and permissions, view database statistics, and even download or restore database backups in real time.

"In addition to enhanced reliability and performance, SQL Server 2008 offers several new in-depth features which are attractive to our developer clientele in the areas of data compression, query support, date/time data and large user-defined types, helping advanced users of the product stay ahead of the curve," explained Vice-President of LFC, Andrew MacCorquodale.

Established in 1996, LFC is a web hosting and ecommerce solution provider offering a “competitive, flat rate service” which includes “everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable, enterprise-level presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today's marketplace”.

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