Web Host The Planet Offers Migration Promotion

January 6, 2009
January 6, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host The Planet is offering a “migration promotion” to celebrate the New Year, it was reported recently. The company is calling its promotion, which targets “customers looking to switch hosting providers”, its “boldest, most aggressive" ever. The promotion comprises an offer to provide the existing web hosting customers one month of free service, free “customized” migration assistance, and one hour of advanced services consultation for each new server purchased.

“In today’s difficult economic climate, customers have expressed concerns about the quality and long-term viability of their hosting providers, particularly with their entire business resting in the hands of companies that could collapse under financial pressure,” explained Douglas J. Erwin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Planet. “We’ve recently announced both a $45 million credit facility and a new 86,000 square foot data center that will open in May to accommodate our colocation and complex systems businesses. We are well positioned to provide the increasing demand we are experiencing for new and existing services. Backed by our world-class data centers and network, we have a well-earned reputation as the best company for one-stop IT infrastructure shopping for the small- and medium-sized business.”

The free service offer is available to new customers and covers their “entire hosting solution”, whether dedicated servers, private or virtual racks. It also covers “add-on products” like storage and data protection, firewalls and load balancers. To receive these benefits new customers must provide a recent invoice from a competing hosting provider. More details are available on the company’s corporate website.

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