Web Host Web Werks and Cloud Migration Software Vendor FissionCloud Form Partnership

March 2, 2016
Web Host Web Werks and Cloud Migration Software Vendor FissionCloud Form Partnership
Web host Web Werks and cloud migration software vendor FissionCloud have formed a partnership. Together the companies will leverage their alliances with system integration partners to establish a ‘Build Your Own DRaaS’ (Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service) solution which targets SMB corporate customers in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

Web Werks, which has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, operates 5 carrier neutral TIER IV data centers in India and the United States. Established in 1996, the company’s services extend to web hosting, VPS hosting, colocation services, dedicated servers, cloud platform and disaster recovery services. It caters to companies of a range of sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. FissionCloud, which also has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and has a support center in Bangalore, India, provides cloud-based business continuity, disaster recovery and migration solutions. Web Werks will manage the data center infrastructure for the service while FissionCloud will establish Backup/Business Continuity and DR as a single stack solution in a Web Werks data center.

The solution will offer users the ability to store backups in a secure 256 bit AES encrypted storage data center environment. Web Werks engineers will monitor the solution and assist customers by providing a ‘15-minute’ backup, testing and recovery service. Web Werks will also assist companies with their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy.

“Web Werks is extremely delighted to build an alliance with FissionCloud, together we can reach a large audience and strengthen our customer entered initiatives,” explained Web Werks’ co-founder, Nishant Rathi. “Not only can customers backup a single server but an Entire data center to Web Werks.”

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