Web Host Webfusion Opens New UK Data Center

February 21, 2009
Web host Webfusion has opened a new data center in the United Kingdom, it was reported recently. The company, which bills itself as “the hosting and storage experts”, built the center in conjunction with IBM. Located in Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, the facility “uses the latest technology to ensure green, secure and reliable data storage and hosting for businesses”.

“We have invested a great deal to maintain the highest levels of customer service, ensure that the data centre is both best of breed and based in the UK,” explained Webfusion’s Managing Director, Thomas Vollrath. “We don’t believe that businesses should have to settle for data centers overseas and, from a customer’s point of view, it’s reassuring to know that your data and support staff are onsite here in the UK 24/7/365.”

The center offer 330 square meters of floor space and has 130 server racks. According to the company, “impressive cooling systems, high-level security and fire detection/suppression systems coupled with effective power back-up capabilities ensure that in the event of a power cut, customer data remains online and available”.

“We worked closely with IBM in the data center’s development to ensure the highest degree of security and performance whilst adhering to stringent data storage regulations and industry standards,” added Mr. Vollrath. “As we wave goodbye to physical paper documentation, electronic data storage needs continue to grow, as do security regulations and compliance. Instead of investing vast sums of money in their own hardware, organizations that use our new facility can significantly reduce data storage costs whilst improving data security and operational reliability.”

“Webfusion wanted a way to reduce energy consumption and become even more environmentally responsible,” suggested IBM Client Manager, Chad Cracknell. “IBM’s modular data center technology gives Webfusion the freedom to innovate through flexibility and the scalability to better manage power, cooling and capacity.”

Webfusion Group Ltd. caters to around 2 million registered domains and caters for a “diverse customer-base - from web developers, designers and hobbyists to businesses with complex e-commerce operations”.

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