Web Host Webfusion Warns that Offshoring Can Cost Customers

February 24, 2009
February 24, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – British web host Webfusion has warned that offshoring can cost customers in the long run, it was reported recently. According to Webfusion, companies must “weather the storm and continue to invest in the UK, despite the current economic climate”. Its announcement comes after the company itself has invested £2.5 million (£3.6 million) in a new data center in Leeds, Yorkshire, in northern England.

“We’ve had more businesses than ever call in to simply ask if our hosting and support is based in the UK,” explained Webfusion’s Managing Director, Thomas Vollrath. “Customer demand is still high in our online industry despite the downturn and businesses seem keen to help keep money in the UK economy. Expanding UK operations and securing British jobs hold great appeal to existing and potential customers; that’s why we host our operations in the UK.”

Webfusion’s new data center offers “24/7/365 support staff” and the company has “invested in the technology infrastructure to create stability across the entire Webfusion platform”. The company also “continues to recruit across the board from technical and new media to customer service staff” and its UK focus has paid dividends.

“Investing in premium quality UK-based support has improved our call center management immensely and our customers recognize this,” added Mr. Vollrath. “Since bringing support back into the UK, our service level has gone up from 29 per cent in April 2007 to 92 per cent in December 2008. Overall call volumes have also reduced by 42 per cent year on year. We are now commended by our customers on how much the service has improved and web hosting industry body, Netcraft, has reported us to be one of the most reliable webhosts in the world, which makes us very proud.”

Webfusion Group Ltd. bills itself as “the largest web hosting organization in the UK”, catering for 1.4 million hosted websites and almost 2 million registered domains. The company has a long-standing relationship with Brunel University which allows it to benefit from “UK graduate and undergraduate students looking for placements or part time work”. Many Brunel graduates work for Webfusion after completing their studies.

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