Web Hosting and Internet Services Provider Verio Inc. Reaffirms Business Strategy

January 24, 2006
January 24, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting and Internet services provider Verio Inc. has reaffirmed its US business strategy that focuses on the online needs of business. The company’s goal is maintain a ‘singular focus’ on the needs of small and medium sized businesses and their partners. To do so the company will introduce a range of new products and forge new strategic partnerships.

Verio’s new products range will include managed services alongside new marketing and professional services designed to help small and medium businesses improve performance. The company will offer educational initiatives and campaigns that its business customers and their partners can benefit from. "Today's shared hosting customers are demanding more from their hosting provider and basing buying decisions on business value, features and ease of use, rather than just price point and bandwidth," suggested Dennis Boyle, Verio’s COO. "Verio helped define the web hosting landscape and we have built strong service capabilities, extensive channel programs, and broad expertise throughout the years to ensure we remain the company that is best equipped to meet the changing demands of our customers and partners. We are continuing our forward momentum with an exciting and singular focus on small and midsized businesses and the needs that our customers have identified in that market."

"Verio is already engaged in significant business opportunities with our partners globally including regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America," added Verio President and acting CEO Kiyoshi Maeda. "We are also actively working on product and service initiatives, channel expansion and new partner opportunities to help ensure continued growth to meet our customers' needs and the changing demands of today's marketplace. Verio will continue to stand for quality and service for our customers, now more than ever."

Verio previously provided enterprise hosting for large, multinational US businesses alongside global IP network services. To allow the company to focus its US efforts on small and medium-sized business customers, these services have been ‘aggregated’ under NTT America, the company’s parent body.

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