Web Hosting Company, Micfo.com LLC Unveils New ‘Premium Hosting Packages‘

January 30, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting company, Micfo.com LLC (http://www.micfo.com) has unveiled a range of ‘Premium Hosting Packages‘ designed for web sites that require more resources than those provided by more traditional shared hosting packages. The packages target ‘resource critical’ web sites such as forums and blogs that can quickly out grow the resources available through their shared hosting packages due to high traffic volumes.

Sites with high traffic volumes use a large amount of server resources. If such a site is hosted on a shared server it can result in other web sites underperforming because of slow connections, etc. In some extreme cases a server might crash. Along with other providers, Micfo believes such sites should not be catered for using shared hosting.

“In the past when a web site was no longer suitable for shared hosting, the only alternative available to the customer was to lease a dedicated server. Unfortunately this option often was not suitable for many as it was far more expensive and also required more technical knowledge,” suggested Vice President of Micfo.com LLC, Sarah Kirk. “Our top priority is always our customers, so we decided to come up with a solution that helps these businesses grow but with little additional costs involved and required no more technical knowledge than our shared hosting,” continued Ms Kirk.

To provide a cost-effective alternative to dedicated hosting, Micfo guarantees that their Premium Hosting servers host a limited number of web sites (between 30-70, depending on the level of Premium Hosting chosen) to ensure resources are available for each one. The company has five different Premium Hosting Packages available, ranging from the ‘Grand’ package which ensures a maximum of 70 accounts per server and comes with 4000MB disk space and 120GB bandwidth to the ‘Royalty’ package that ensures just 30 accounts are on a server and offers 13,000MB disk space and 600GB bandwidth.

“With the introduction of our brand new Premium Hosting Packages, we are now better prepared to serve a wider range of clients with different needs. With eight different packages in our shared hosting portfolio ranging from premium high-end to low cost for our customers to choose from they can always have peace of mind knowing that as there web sites grow there will always be the perfect package to meet their individual needs,” added Ms Kirk.

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