Web Hosting Company Offers Lucrative Referral Payouts

September 29, 2005
29 September, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH) – ‘Concentric’, the San Jose-based web hosting company and provider of ‘business-grade web hosting solutions’, has announced the addition of two new referral categories to its partner and referral program. The additional categories enable Concentric’s partners to benefit from additional revenue opportunities through a scheme that offers some of the highest referral payouts available. Those who qualify and sign up for the new Affiliate program earn $70 for each customer that signs up a hosting account. Those becoming Commissioned Agents earn monthly commissions of 10- 35% of the monthly revenue accounts they sign up generate. With the two new referral categories, Concentric’s program offers four levels of participation including Customer Referral, Affiliate, Commissioned Agent and Private Label Reseller.

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