Web Hosting Company WSX Hosting Releases Branded Shopping Cart

January 23, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting company WSXHosting.com (http://www.wsxhosting.com) announced recently the release of a branded PHP shopping cart application. WSX Hosting's cart is based on Cre Loaded, "but does not include any of the advertisements to Cre Loaded affiliates, or to their partners who have paid to have their advertisement included in the open source application," suggested Michael Desmarais of WSX Hosting.

The WSX Hosting cart includes several enhancements to the current version of Cre Loaded. These include Separate Pricing-per-Customer, Contact_us.php, IP Recorder, Information Page fixes, and HTTP for images.

The WSX Hosting Cart is Open Source and can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s website, http://www.wsxhosting.com.

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