Web Hosting Provider CEC Systems | internet services announces partnership with CDGcommerce (Merchant Accounts)

April 16, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider CEC Systems | internet services (http://cecsystems.net) has announced that it has partnered with CDGcommerce, a leading nationwide merchant account provider.

This offering is cutting-edge merchant account services to its existing and future clientele. "We have crafted many new solutions that take full advantage of this exciting new opportunity, our customers are very excited to be able to deal with a Maine based web hosting company that can provide end to end services. We are excited to partner with CDGcommerce to enable our clients to benefit from the many unique advantages provided by their Internet and retail merchant account processing programs", suggested CEC Systems | internet services, Chief Technologist Chas Cameron.

"CDGcommerce is proud to partner with CEC Systems internet services to enhance our presence in the market by offering a complete turnkey solution that creates a true win-win-win solution for all parties involved," said Chris West, CEO of CDGcommerce.

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