Web Hosting Provider Covad and CICAT Provide Business-Class Broadband to the Retail Industry

January 13, 2007
January 13, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Covad (http:// www.covad.com), an integrated voice and data communications provider whose services include web hosting, has joined with CICAT Networks (http://www.cicat.com), a Virginia-based telecommunications service provider, to provide “industry-leading solutions to some of the nation’s largest retailers”.

“Covad has a proven track record of success in serving the communications needs of the retail industry and is very pleased to partner with CICAT to provide high-speed, highly-reliable broadband services to these customers,” explained Timothy Gaines, Covad Senior Vice President of Sales. “As the only nationwide, facilities-based broadband provider in the U.S., Covad is well-suited to meeting the needs of multi-location enterprises, such as retailers and restaurant chains that operate across the country.”

Covad and CICAT’s retail customers have similar requirements: to enable faster sales and new applications, without dramatically increasing network costs. Covad’s business-class broadband solutions meet those needs by providing higher bandwidth and business-class reliability backed by strong service quality commitments. Covad’s nationwide network and CICAT’s network services together provide broadband capabilities to over 90 percent of CICAT’s retail customers’ locations in the United States.

“Together, Covad and CICAT continue to be proven leaders in the retail space,” said Brad Wise, CICAT’s president and CEO. “The range of business-class solutions and services that Covad and CICAT collaboratively provide enable our customers to operate at an optimal level, bringing broadband capabilities to the forefront of their voice and data communications.”

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