Web Hosting Provider DowntownHost.com Announces ‘Blog Ready’ Solutions and Affiliate Program

April 17, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) Web hosting provider DowntownHost.com (http://www.downtownhost.com) has announced the intention to launch ‘Blog Ready’ hosting solutions alongside improvements to its affiliate program.

DowntownHost.com ‘Blog Ready’ solutions are designed for people who want to develop a blog but have limited or no knowledge of html coding or computer programming skills. The solutions feature strong technical support and allow users to have a blog running in a very short amount of time. They also offer robust technical support.

DowntownHost.com’s affiliate program will be available for people willing to promote the company’s products and services. The program offers high revenue returns, paying $40 for the first 25 customers sent by the affiliate, $60 for the next 40 clients and $100 from that point forward.

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