Web Hosting Provider HostFree Offers Free SMB Hosting

May 7, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - The corporate and business web hosting market gained a new player today which aims to provide free corporate hosting, HostFree.

HostFree offers corporate web hosting with no costs for SMBs on Windows or Linux platforms and in exchange the company hopes to make their money selling CRM systems and optimization services.

The HostFree team which developed and manages the operation is a multidisciplinary one, composed by physicists, lawyers, net administrators, engineers and marketing professionals.

"The company has two main objectives: The first is to offer 100% professional, no cost corporative hosting. The second, is to serve as a Business Intelligence platform, for as a next step, it intends to propose for the interested clients ( and just for them) the provision of management and CRM systems which will optimize processes and make companies even more productive," said HostFree International Manager Dmitry Burof.

For more information on this company, see http://www.superhostfree.net.

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