Web Hosting Provider httpEasy Introduces New Website Builder

December 3, 2012
Web Hosting Provider httpEasy Introduces New Website Builder
httpEasy, a web hosting company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has introduced a new website builder for use by its shared and reseller hosting customers. The solution, known as Breezi, is accessible through the cPanel control panel provided by its web hosting options, and enables the company’s customers to develop customizable websites that are optimized for viewing through mobile devices.

The solution is a response to what httpEasy sees as a substantial need for web hosting providers to provide worthwhile website building solutions. While many web hosting customers immediately require to build a website after purchasing a web hosting account, few know how to, and many get frustrated at the solutions available to them through cPanel. "We are truly glad to have found this tool and hope it will overcome some issues to be found in traditional sitebuilders," explained httpEasy’s Manager, Mike Zobel.

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