Web Hosting Provider IGoSite.com Transitions to Joomla!

January 29, 2007
January 29, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider IGoSite.com has transitioned its corporate website to Joomla!, the company announced today. The company’s website was originally managed using the Mambo Content Management System (CMS) and the rationale for the transition was based on the development rate of the Joomla! platform in comparison with Mambo.

The Joomla! CMS and Web Application Framework has strong connections with Mambo and massive similarities in design. Both Open Source and both free of charge to users, Joomla! was developed by key members of the original Mambo team who had political differences with the Mambo community. Joomla! is now recognized as developing faster than Mambo and offers a greater range of options.

“We are that happy with it, that we want to share and we want to promote the use of Joomla software to our customers,” suggested an IGoSite.com representative. The company will install Joomla! onto customer accounts on request and free of charge.

IGoSite.com offers a range of Unix and Windows hosting options offering the H-Sphere Control Panel and the Site Studio Builder.

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