Web Hosting Provider LFC Announces Launch of Windows 2003 Platform

March 27, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider LFC (http://www.lfchosting.com) has announced the launch of its new Windows 2003 hosting platform available at no extra charge to customers and available through its proprietary LFC Control Panel.

LFC’s upgrade to Windows 2003 comes in conjunction with an upgrade to IIS 6.0 and FrontPage 2003 support. Discussing their developments LFC’s CEO Robert Sauchyn suggested, “We have invested a significant amount of research and development into improving and tweaking the Microsoft Windows platform to provide superior security, reliability, performance and user isolation than a standard shared hosting setup. For example, we have developed software that takes a bare-bones Windows server and automatically turns it into a fully functional web server in under one hour, ensuring that all the settings required to optimize a server’s security, reliability and performance are applied to every server we set up. We have taken that extensive knowledge and applied it to Windows 2003, including re-writing and implementing new enhancements to our unique in-house automation software.”

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC’s Vice President added, “If there is one piece of advice that I can give to a small business looking to successfully compete online, it is to not underestimate the importance of a business-focused web host. In my opinion, if you are not hosting with LFC, your business is not realizing its full potential online by taking advantage of our unsurpassed customer service, reliability and e-commerce capabilities that our clients depend on and appreciate. Our service is absolutely ideal for a range of users from business people to Internet professionals and resellers.”

LFC has also signed an agreement with BidVertiser.com to provide its customers with effective online marketing solutions. “BidVertiser is the only [pay-per-click] online marketing solution that allows you to decide exactly which sites will show your ads. It’s simply a matter of browsing through the categorized directory of quality sites and choosing the ones that are right for you. Then, you can select a geo-target to only show your ads to those in your selected countries,” suggested LFC’s General Manager Gail Bryanton.

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