Web Hosting Provider Verio Announces Data Backup Plan Aimed at Small Businesses

January 22, 2007
January 22, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Verio has launched a data backup plan aimed at small businesses, the company announced recently. According the company, the plan will “eliminate risk from leaving critical data on employee PCs unprotected” by providing a service that protects “1 GB or less of critical data and work documents”.

A recent survey found that 45% of small businesses and home office users do not have a data recovery scheme while 70% of those asked said data loss would be very serious for their businesses and would prove costly. Verio’s PC Data Backup system automatically backs up files on personal computers to an offsite facility. Users can easily restore files in the event of data loss due to viruses, hard drive failure, data corruption, or deletion. The solution offers a point-and-click interface allowing users to backup one or more PC in a session. The service extends to customers who need to store more data and plans go up to 30 GB of storage.

“With an increasing threat to data stored on PCs, it’s no longer practical for small businesses to back up customer records, financials and other information on thumb drives, or other methods that store data backups onsite,” explained Verio’s Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Boyle. “Verio PC Data Backup offers small businesses an easy-to-use method for protecting critical data to a secure, offsite facility, which is cost-effective.”

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