Web Hosting Provider Verio Improves Their Virtual Server Software

May 3, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host Verio, has improved on its Virtual Private Server (VPS) enhancements that ease Web server administration and maintenance tasks, and provide new tools to help customers and resellers build their business online. All current enhancements are applicable to Verio’s VPS version 2 (v2) offerings.

“As the company that invented and introduced VPS to the marketplace, Verio continues to deliver service enhancements important to our customers,” said David Chao, vice president of product management for Verio. “By offering businesses and resellers new utilities, such as our new control panel that makes it easier to utilize the power of a VPS, and e-commerce enabling tools, Verio helps customers to build and grow their online business presence. Companies are able to leave the heavy lifting to Verio while getting their solutions off the ground quickly, but with the ability to make the changes they need to easily manage business and user requirements.”

Current enhancements to Verio’s VPS v2 include the addition of a new VPS control panel and e-commerce services.

For online sales, e-commerce offerings from ShopSite are now available as an add-on to Verio’s VPS v2, and will enable VPS owners to more easily build and operate their sites, as well as make the online shopping process easier and more convenient for their customers. The new e-commerce tools for VPS enable users to perform multiple tasks in the construction and management of their online sales, which allows them to more effectively transact and manage business online. For example, customers can create turnkey online storefronts with an easy to use store-building tool; place products on sale, offer volume discounts and create discount coupons; calculate shipping charges real-time; and download order and product information into Intuit’s Quickbooks.

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