Web Hosting Provider Verio Increases Capacity Threefold

April 3, 2006
April 3, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Verio has adopted Nominum's Foundation Authoritative Name Server (ANS) to provide its domain name customers with superior performance. The move generates a three-fold increase in capacity and will reduce downtime allowing Verio to better cater for its increasing customer base. The Nominum ANS separates authoritative and caching DNS functions and provides definitive DNS information rather than retrieving information from authoritative servers and caching it locally. The system offers the highest number of query responses per second and can be configured and administered remotely.

"At Verio, we manage more than 220,000 DNS domains and IDC again named Verio as one of the top 10 largest and most successful U.S. Web hosting service providers," suggested the company’s Vice President of Operations Fred Martin. "With our level of business growth, we can't afford delays in service and performance. We implemented Nominum's ANS on our DNS server infrastructure and within an hour we were able to integrate it into our existing system with zero downtime, giving us the service assurance and delivery that our customers depend on."

"Not only is ANS designed to deliver optimized performance, enhanced security, and business continuity, it is also designed to scale as a company's needs grow," added Tom Tovar, Nominum’s Worldwide Sales Band Business Development Vice President. "As a leading web hosting provider, Verio requires a highly reliable DNS infrastructure and we are proud to be a key enabler of their solution."

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