Web Hosting Provider Verio Launches New Control Panel

January 4, 2008
January 4, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Verio has launched a new control panel that allows its customers to manage their hosting accounts. The panel controls all aspects of an account, including websites and email. According to the company, the new panel will help its customers “gain greater flexibility, more customization and increased functionality” through a “simplified and fast” interface. It also offers the company’s reseller partners “the ability to further deliver a fully-branded experience to their customers”.

The control panel offers sections for mail, users, utilities and files, statistics, preferences and settings, add ons and databases. Users can customize the look for their panel through a drag and drop mechanism. The panel also offers robust email filtering which allows or disallows specific text in a subject line. It can also be made to allocate rules for mails containing specific words and push them into specific folders. Aside from being more efficient, the option can provide protection from spam.

“Verio has been at the forefront of addressing areas of need identified by businesses operating online,” explained Verio COO, Dennis Boyle. “We have worked with our customers to deliver a solution that will enhance their experience, streamline the management process and make it easier for them to get the information they need.”

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