Web Site Disaster Recovery Service Introduced by Managed Hosting Provider

November 4, 2005
November 4, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Yesterday saw the announcement that a web site disaster recovery service would be introduced by managed hosting provider, INetU (http://www.inetu.net). The service, called ‘Business Continuity Hot Site’, is geared towards organizations with ‘mission-critical web sites’.

INetU’s new service is only available to INetU Managed Hosting customers and comprises servers in data centers at different locations synchronizing data according to a schedule established by INetU’s customers. Should there be a failure of the primary site the backup server ensures site operation is maintained.

"We are pleased to make this service available to our clients," explained Dev Chanchani, INetU's President. "Disaster recovery is one of the emerging concerns for companies running important applications over the Internet. Our Business Continuity Hot Site service has been built specifically to help clients come up with a strategy to enact. Having a well-thought out disaster recovery plan allows businesses to make smart decisions in a crisis, so no one has to panic."

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