San Francisco, CA, USA -- Webstrike Solutions P/L
(webstrikesolutions.com), one of the leading discount web hosts, announced a partnership with 365 Main (365main.net), the Bay Area's safest, most secure and reliable data center.

Director of Webstrike Solutions, Mr Will Kruss, explained that all new technical services and some existing services are to be located at 365 Main, while some existing services are to remain in their current location in Denver, CO.

'This is a very exciting time for us', Mr Kruss commented, 'Webstrike Solutions' partnership with 365 Main will help to strengthen us in the discount hosting market.'.

With the release of all new discount hosting plans coinciding with the move, Webstrike is bound to attract the attention of many small businesses, designers, hosting resellers and personal developers.

Their unparalleled plan featuring $30 setup, no other costs for 12 months and no termination or other upfront fees, has been extended to include 20GB of bandwidth per month and 1GB of disk space. Unlike most competitors this is available on both Windows 2003 and Linux platforms.

Now located in a data centre which also houses equipment operated by Brightmail, Hot or Not, GNI, CNet, IPNetworks and many others, Webstrike has found itself in great company. Mr Kruss said that this move should ensure the company's longevity in the hosting market and enable it to continue to expand, while also offering reliable services at a very competitive rate.

About Webstrike Solutions Webstrike Solutions is a privately owned company. It has been in operation offering discount website hosting since 1999, and not only survived but thrived during the 'tech crash' in 2000. The company has been primarily focused on offering hosting in the Windows market, but also employs professional Linux administrators and developers to provide a complete solution. For more information about Webstrike Solutions please visit http://www.webstrikesolutions.com.

About 365 Main 365 Main is a privately held company based in San Francisco. For Bay Area businesses that require secure, reliable data-center infrastructure, 365 Main provides a superior, neutral environment that uniquely ensures continuous operations at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. 365 Main is owned and operated by a unique partnership bringing together the strengths of Rockwood Capital, a real estate investment company with over $1.5 billion of assets under management, Union Property Capital, a highly focused San Francisco based development company and 365 Incorporated, the skilled team that conceived, designed, built and that now operates the state-of-the-art facility. For more information about 365 Main, please contact 877 365-6246 or visit www.365main.net.

For further information please contact:
Webstrike Solutions - Will Kruss (Director): willk@webstrikesolutions.com
365 Main - Kevin Shanahan: KShanaham@365inc.net

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