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Ryan B

DigitalFortress Nightmare Review of 1.5 years
We used DigitalFortress in Seattle for about 1.5 years before ending up having to find a new datacenter colocation provider. At the beginning, were in the market for a half rack as our current provider was being sold off. Initial sales talks with Digital Fortress's head of sales, Taylor Loya, was very difficult. She was very short on answers and unhelpful in almost every question or request. Usually the pre-sales part is the easiest! This should have been a red flag, but the CEO at the time finally swooped in and sealed the deal effortlessly, so we signed up.

Fast forward 1.5 years, we had to call it quits and move. Taylor is impossible to work with because she never answers anything in a timely manner. Basic upgrade requests, fixing any sort of invoice error or anything billing/sales related takes forever! it can take weeks or sometimes a month+ to get a response, upgrade request or solution.

I will say though, their technical support, especially Kenny, did an amazing job other than two incidents where they damaged our motherboards. Other than that, their responses are quick and helpful. Their helpdesk though leaves much to be desired, and they do not use a billing system. Instead, they just invoice you from a glorified QuickBooks which has issues all the time. You also have no way of looking up any of your service or billing information because they do not use any sort of system.

The worst incident was when we had planned to move our equipment out on a Monday, that Sunday night Taylor from billing set our services to be suspended even though for 2 weeks prior we asked multiple times to extend our service and were happy to pay any premium. But of course, no responses from Taylor or anyone and all our servers went offline Sunday night. These are live production servers so we franticly tried everything we could to get Taylor to turn them back on, but all our voicemails went unanswered.

My guess is Digital Fortress has no interest in smaller half rack c

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2021 - September, 2022

Brian Conte

Treat loyal customers badly
We were customers of Digital Fortress for six years. When COVID hit, our business was greatly affected and we needed to downsize and move out of their data center. Despite the extenuating circumstances, and even though we gave 60 days' notice, vacated our rack, and provided the substantiating financial documents they requested, they insisted on continuing to charge us for another year, for an empty rack.

Services Period: Past customer during June, 2014 - June, 2020

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