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problems with web media server. Lost files, can't access folder with permissions issues. impossible to upload media.

Customer service horrible. Five days after registering trouble report still no resolution.

Requested a credit and no response No cr

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2003 - October, 2006

Emiel Kamzol

interland, it's going from good to realy bad.. No service ad all - up -time year 2006 70%. After crash total data loss (including mail, MYSQL dbases) down time 4 day's. No sorry noting ad all.. Realy on this time stay a way from

Services Period: Past customer during January, 1999 - August, 2006

Dan Oja

Stay away from Interland or Their technical support is non-existent. Host with anyone else, but avoid these comapnies!

Services Period: Past customer during August, 1998 - August, 2006


In case anyone is actually considering hosting with Interland, I wanted to share the following:

Interland's SQL11 server crashed and we lost 3 days of data ... and that is AFTER they did a restore.

They must not be really running RAID 5.

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2000 - February, 2005

James E. Wood

Absolutely none.

Company Response: Technical Support is virtually absent. Email is erratic at best.



Company Response: Most software upgrades are 2 years behind the latest releases. Avoid Interland.

Chris Sparnicht

Freedom packages were better when they were still owned by HostPro, two years ago.

Company Response: PHP, mySQL, Perl all insecure. No updates in two years, and not planning to. Avoid Interland.


reseller rates are better then average

Company Response: reliability and technical support are pitiful


lots of extra features, $millions in recent upgrades

Company Response: a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for

Jian Huang

Great technical features; fair technical support response.

Company Response: poor billing support; little expensive.

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