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I Don't know WHAT is going on, but the service has been going decent up until now. I think ipaska is bankrupt or something, which is TERRIBLE.. for ME, because I had all kinds of data I can't replace on my server there. Now, I can't ever contact them...

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2002 - September, 2005

D Simpson

Set up a business-class account with iPaska in late 2003. Started hosting from our server this year, and I've been trying to cancel the iPaska account for 2 weeks. Haven't been able to get ahold of anyone. Now I'm issuing "stop payments" with the Visa car

Services Period: Past customer during October, 2003 - August, 2005

Joshua Chmil

I got no confirmation but you charged my card!!! Your phone is always busy. Called 5x a day every day for a month. I've emailed you over 20 times, trying 5 different addresses listed on your site. Someone answer me! jchmil@optonline.com

Services Period: Past customer during August, 2004 - December, 2004

Courtnee Barnes

The support manager is one of my best friends, and no matter how tired and exhausted he is, he will treat every single customer as his best friend! He

Company Response: None what so ever.

Matthew Kemmerer

This is a great service they've been very helpful to me and provide a great service and a reasonable price.

Company Response: They had some small amount of trouble in my initial setup but once that was setup things went along smoothly


Excellent service and very reliable. Very competitive prices. I do not hesitate on recommending iPaska for your web hosting services.

Company Response: N/A

Jorge Ortiz

Affordable, friendly, virtually 0 downtime.

Company Response: N/A

Brian Augustine

Great Hosting. Probably the Best

Company Response: None

Daniel Lewis

Great people, great support, perfect!

Company Response: None

David Nunez

Fast setup, great service, cPanel has all the features I want + more

Company Response: none as of yet!

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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