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They were either unable or unwilling to supply me with my backup data when they lost it. They didn't notify me of domain renewand then when the site was removed, it took weeks to get it back up.

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2003 - June, 2005

J Berry

I have experienced a lot of downtime. Unlike what I had heard about IPowerweb. I am currently looking for another host that is more reliable

Services Period: Past customer during March, 2005 - May, 2005

Leanne Bateman

Their "customer service" is absolutely horrendous--you eventually get to speak with unknowledgable and rude staff after over 30 minutes on hold! You even have to hold at least 10 minutes for "Live Chat"! They are just horrible--I would not recommend!!!

Services Period: Past customer during May, 2000 - March, 2005


Great value for $. Superb uptime. Prompt support. Easy to work with. I've used this host for 2 years w/20+ sites, never a major problem.

Company Response: Techincal Support staff went through a server transition where they could've been better trained. That's done now, and staff are up to speed again.

Jennifer Black

The dedicated hosting package offered seemed like a good deal. 80GB of storage and 500GB of transfer from a seemingly highly ranked hosting provider.

Company Response: None of the support staff knows much about the dedicated servers, and those that do can't be reached by phone. Cancelled w/in one week.

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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