Managed Hosting Services Provider Codero and Network Provider BEK Communications Form Partnership

February 27, 2018
Managed Hosting Services Provider Codero and Network Provider BEK Communications Form Partnership
Managed hosting services provider Codero Holdings, Inc. (Codero) and network provider BEK Communications (BEK) have formed a partnership. Codero, which is based in Austin, Texas, United States, provides dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services to a broad customer base. These include its ‘MicroCloud’ offering for small business customers. The company’s partnership with BEK will see free cloud backup made available to its customers in North Dakota, United States.

BEK, which has headquarters in North Dakota, is spearheading the “evolution of rural local exchange carriers into modern tech providers”. It is a telecommunications company offering high “speed internet, television, phone, security, home automation, cloud services, and broadcast services” to those resident in rural North Dakota. Codero has released a case study that considers “the decade-long modernization and expansion project of rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) BEK Communications”.

Codero caters to and is owned by a number of Rural Local Exchange Carriers (RLECs) across the United States. These carriers resell Codero’s cloud-based products and services. With voice and television services key features in rural areas, RLECs “began to experience new pressures and opportunities to modernize as the digital era progressed”. BEK recognized the opportunities transitioning from copper wire to fiber optics would represent and spent “more than 10 years replacing their original network with modern fiber optics” – a total of 280,000 strand miles. With such a network, BEK is able to offer cloud-based solutions.

“We have nearly 10,000 customers with ready access to our network,” explained Jesse Gunsch, Network and Products Manager at BEK. “BEK has a growing base of cloud-based customers who are outside of BEK’s Lightband Service area. Those customers know and trust the service and support they get from local cooperatives like BEK Communications. We knew we could leverage our resources and reputation to reach new residential and business clients.”

“Competition may be steep, but few companies have built the long-lasting relationships or trust that RLECs have with their customers,” added Ric Riddle, Chief Revenue Officer at Codero. “This puts smart RLECs like BEK Communications in an exceptional position to market to end users and become the provider of choice in virtually any IT arena they choose to enter.”

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