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NeedaServer.Net operates its own 30,000 square foot data center in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, California, directly connected to One Wilshire. Los Angeles now listed as the is the most interconnected city in the world. Rest assured, your always provided top-tier connectivity. Our network includes multiple internet carriers, and sophisticated optimized routing, assures rapid transmission of your vital traffic. Redundant power systems including UPS and Generator Back-up assure 99.99% uptime. NeedaServer has custom built cutting edge and N+1 green facilities, utilizing the efficiency of air side economizer’s and hot air extraction systems. All systems are digitally controlled and fully automated to ensure peak performance. Servers produce large amounts of heat, and cooling a data center is a prime directive- “Rule One” of Cooling is removing heat- Most data centers are arranged in “hot” and “cold” rows, running cool air into the cold rows, and exhausting 110 degree air into the aisle. Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC Units) are forced to work overtime, to cool 110 degree air to the high 60’s. This is a waste of energy and extremely inefficient. Walk into our data center and your jaw will drop, it is virtually heatless, cold air surrounds the entire data center, yet energy use is at a minimum.

Address: 530 West 6Th. St.
Suite 710
Los Angeles CA 90014
United States


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