cPanel = Necessary Tool to Make Managing Websites Painless

July 22, 2010 by Forrest Yingling
An abundance of webmasters and web hosts utilize cPanel to control their websites. In fact, cPanel has become recognized as the leading hosting platform control panels. Some of the features of cPanel include the generation and display of important statistics and analytics, file and database management as well as email functions.

A principle selling point for cPanel is how it turns an abundance of previously complex processes into simple point and click processes thus making life less complicated for its users. The cPanel interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to even novice users.

The cPanel Automated Control Panel puts the power back into the client’s hands. Clients can now perform tasks that used to only be able to be completed by the web host providing the client with a more hands-on approach in the management and maintenance of their websites.

Website owners should have no fears that cPanel will be over their heads. If any questions or problems arise there are numerous tutorials and help files available 24/7.

Some formerly tiresome tasks that cPanel simplifies include:

· Uploading and managing web pages

· Creating email accounts

· Backing up data

· Viewing detailed visitor statistics

· Creating logs to aid diagnose problems

· Installing common web applications (ie: blogs & forums)

cPanel includes top-notch security defense systems like virus protection and rootkit detection. Thanks to its monitoring and update system, users will be alerted instantaneously of any failed services or potential threats.

cPanel has established itself as the top hosting platform control panel. CPanel is recognized as the most powerful automated control panel on the market and can help take your website to the next level.

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