Dedicated Hosting and Virtual Machine Manager: What You Should Know

May 24, 2011 by Jonathon Linnell
Virtual Machine Manager makes a strong case for managed dedicated hosting. With dedicated website hosting, there is no need to share resources, tools and connection bandwidth with other users. According to your hosting requirements, you can choose from myriad dedicated hosting plans. Fret not if you don’t have space to keep your own server. You can achieve the same effect through dedicated hosting via Virtual Machine Manager software. Some of the advantages of dedicated hosting are:
  • Since no sharing is involved, security and reliability are enhanced. Your websites’ uptime is highly improved and you can be sure about its performance
  • It provides a whole new level of flexibility when it comes to user preferences. The webmaster can customize the entire hosting experience to suit personal taste or according to the need of the hour An array of high performance tools and applications helps increase productivity and creativity
  • Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits is that you are allotted a unique IP address. Every dedicated hosting service provides singular IP addresses to websites. This helps you enhance the brand image of your website as your domain’s IP address will point to your website only
  • A FTP backup will be provided specifically for your website’s account. This is a pretty helpful tool allowing you to mirror all of your website’s content onto your dedicated hosting server. Thus, if a problem creeps up into your website, all the content is safe on the FTP backup
  • Quality upgrades come for granted with dedicated hosting services. Once your website witnesses success, your needs tend to multiply. A good dedicated hosting company can offer you great deals on upgrading RAM and increase bandwidth

Microsoft’s 2008 Virtual Machine Manager allows you to take control over the management of virtual and physical IT infrastructure. This enhances server utilization capacity and increases optimization of dynamic resources across many virtualization platforms. Besides this, it offers excellent end-to-end features like planning, installing, running, and customizing the virtual IT infrastructure. Key benefits of VMM by Microsoft are:
  • Centrally generate and optimize various virtual machines throughout the datacenter
  • Easily combine many physical servers into one dedicated single virtual host or hosts
  • Swiftly supplies and optimizes virtual machines (Either existing or new)
  • PRO (the Performance and Resource Optimization feature) allows the dynamic supervision of the virtual IT resources via PRO enabled management packs
  • Being an open ended virtual platform, PRO promotes development of custom design management packs which allows companies to promote their solutions and products with PRO`s competent management facility 80% of the cloud computing users belong to the application layer. Still, it is the most ignored aspect of the virtualization realm due to its intrinsically complex nature. Enterprises and individuals need a potent solution to overcome the key challenges related to the application management. And Virtual Machine Manager being an important among them, demands significant attention so that hesitancies regarding cloud adoption can be conquered.

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Jonathon is a marketer for UKFast, who are a hosting provider of Linux and Windows dedicated server solutions as well as vSphere and Hyper-V virtualisation and cloud hosting specialists, all on one of the UK's fastest networks.

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