Defining Cloud for Your Business

April 19, 2011 by Priya Khopade
Defining Cloud for Your Business

Every IT organization is quite familiar with term ‘Cloud’ now. Most of the medium & large businesses have already started using it. But any of them have a fair idea about what cloud means for their business & what it can do for them? In this fast-paced technological revolution, cloud has become integral part of any business that wants to utilize maximum resources available for business & minimize the risk involved in traditional hosting methods. Cloud is usually misjudged by merchants as ‘The Future’ regardless of their use. Many of IT experts are not quite sure what cloud hosting entails & how to make it beneficial for their business, but excited by extensive advertising of cloud as future of the IT.

Before adopting cloud hosting, you must define it for your business
A cloud refers to a group of connected servers on the web that stores all the information unlike traditional system based on dedicated server. Cloud is a paid service that is available on subscription either as flat fee or custom fee per resource you intend to use for your business such as CPU, storage, network etc. Service provider does the administration of website at his end and business gets control of managing website on his own. Cloud being ‘Hardware-as-a-service’, offers more benefits than traditional hosting platform. Though it is considered as infrastructure encapsulation & abstraction of regular web hosting, it is cost effective & portrays high performance.

Define your business needs before choosing right vendor for cloud hosting
The first crucial step before going for cloud hosting is to recognize and understand basic needs of your business in terms of size of your network that you would like to put in cloud, how much disc storage, processing power & bandwidth needed by each individual in network, what are the resources required by each and kind of website you are going to build etc.
Then probably you should go ahead to choose right vendor who can fulfill your business needs. Unlike traditional web hosting, you pay only for those resources that you need for your business as per their usage. There are so many vendors in market who offer various packages & customize it according to your requirements, chose the best one! Remember on most crucial part of cloud –as it is web hosting, security issue must be handled by you, and vendor does not take responsibility for it.

Define facts about cloud: Is it going to be ‘The Future’ of your business?
Cloud hosting is best when you choose right vendor as per your business needs & can commit a better future for your business in cloud. If you are looking for a reliable solution for your business in terms of performance based hosting for your website, let me tell you answer lies in the cloud! It provides you high performance in cost effective way plus utilization statistics at its best!
Assure you do all that your business requires for good performance rather than giving it costly solutions. You might be any type of small, medium or large business, go ahead and experience the rains of special benefits from cloud – ‘The future’!

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