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December 8, 2011 by Tim Attwood
The best way for you to harness the power of today’s internet is to build your own VPS, or virtual private server, to ensure that your business can stay on pace with the trends affecting the internet today. Business owners need flexibility and room to expand when they grow their web presence. With the advent of more efficient and convenient devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, many business owners are finding that their servers are not equipped to handle the high levels of traffic in today’s internet frontier.

Not only are more people on the internet than ever before, and accessing sites more frequently as technology becomes faster and more portable, but the sites themselves are evolving to become treasure troves of resources and graphics that require more memory and space to operate. Flash sites, for example, are becoming more common, and require large amounts of data to run their graphic-heavy interfaces. Businesses today must be prepared to meet the needs of clients with adequate server storage and expansion capabilities, and a custom VPS allows business owners the freedom and flexibility they need in order to fulfill the growing needs and demands of clients.

The internet has changed tremendously since the old days of simple HTML, and many websites that were on the cutting edge of technology just five years ago are already entirely outdated. As the technology has expanded, programmers and designers have had to expand their knowledge and abilities as well. Coding became more complex and websites started running more programs at a faster rate than ever before just to meet customer demands. Social networking has allowed for the free exchange of information between expanding networks of people and dismantled many boundaries between marketing and client relationships.
Programmers, designers, and webmasters have had to adapt to these fast-paced changes in internet technology, and many have found that the best deal in data storage that embraces all of these positive changes in technology is through a system where you build your own VPS. A custom VPS allows business owners to create an entirely unique server system by virtualizing hardware by a host operator while also sharing a single physical server. In this type of system, the physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual private servers which operate both as a dedicated server while also providing root access, similar to a higher level of shared hosting or a streamlined dedicated host.

The security and reliability of a custom VPS is also superior to other systems, allowing secure control of your server and private lines of information without worrying about other clients on the shared server being able to access your information. Additionally, cross-over problems are less frequent on a custom VPS than through shared hosts or other systems. Is your business prepared to meet the needs of clients in today’s internet environment with the demands of today’s devices? Have you considered that tomorrow’s devices will have increased capabilities and that your site will require even more memory and speed to keep up? Maybe your business has shown steady growth and you have had time to weigh your hosting and storage options so far, but will your business be prepared when there is exponential growth? Investing now in custom VPS is a better value for your dollar because it ensures that you have the technological capabilities available for tomorrow’s business environment at affordable prices. With features like improved security and better cross-platform functioning, why not trust a custom VPS to provide the improved service you and your clients can count on?

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