Google Buzz Causes a Stir as a New Social Network

March 25, 2010 by Forrest Yingling
Google creates so many new applications that it can be somewhat difficult to keep track of them.  The new Buzz is Google’s first full-fledged foray into the world of social networking.  In my opinion, everyone should have a Google account by now so that you can take advantage of all their free programs. 

If you have a Google or Gmail account then you are already a member of Buzz.  Gmail has had their version of the status update since they created the chat function.  Your status update was simply the caption that was under your name and photo.  However, these captions could only be viewed if you were signed into Gmail and chat.

With Buzz, you can now follow the status updates of those you follow and comment on their posts.  Buzz creates an environment conducive to establishing open and continuing dialogue between connections.  While Buzz will not likely become as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it will surely advance beyond the basic system it is right now. 

As I said - I think everyone should have a Google account.  However, everyone does not have an account with Google or a Gmail email account.  This is one major strike against Buzz.  Your social network is limited.  If someone doesn’t have a Google account then they cannot be a part of your social network.  This could possibly be improved in the future if other contacts could somehow be integrated the way they are in chat.  For example, perhaps contacts from AOL Instant Messenger or Microsoft Messenger could somehow be integrated into the Buzz community. 

If you use Gmail as your business email account then there is a great potential for using Buzz as a social and business-networking tool.  You can stay in touch with clients, friends (we all know that some of our best customers are friends and family!) and associates by updating your status with business-related information.  For example, if you get a new product in stock or are announcing a sale or new marketing promotion, you can make these types of announcements on Buzz.  Remember, your updates have the potential to go viral.  If one of your friends copies your sale update and posts it on his status then all of his friends see it and maybe one of them posts it, sooner or later multitudes of people can see what’s up with your business and if you’re lucky they will click-thru to your website.  If you’re really lucky the link will convert and you will make some sales.  The advent of social networking has brought back a personal touch to business that has been missing since the Internet became such a major marketplace.  Although Google Buzz is currently in the beginning stages of development, it has the potential to become a valuable networking tool. 

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