How to get the best VPS Hosting Deals

September 28, 2011 by Tim Attwood
As a small business, getting the best deal on the technology and products you need to run your operation is crucial. Paying too much can mean money wasted that could be spent elsewhere, while paying too little can mean more headaches in the long run if a service can`t live up to what was promised. When it comes to finding VPS hosting deals for your IT infrastructure needs, it can often be tempting to pay the highest price and assume that the highest quality comes with it, but that isn`t always the case. Here are a few tips on getting the best VPS deals on the market.

Price and the Proving Ground

A VPS provider will supply you with a remote storage solution for whatever data you want to move, whatever apps you want to use, and essentially give you a blank-slate server to use however you’d like. This gives you a great deal of freedom, but also calls to mind questions of uptime and server stability, as well as connectivity and how others on the server will be affected by upgrades, crashes, or general security issues. Because of all the technical jargon involved, many companies will opt for the highest-priced VPS deal, but this is not always the best option available. Quality, not quantity, is what tells the tale of true VPS hosting deals. Factors like guaranteed uptime, the ability to use “burst” resources when they are available, and the willingness of the provider to work with you to find the best VPS deal rather than simply telling you what you need. All speak to what kind of host you will be getting for your money.

One that charges a great deal for cookie-cutter packages and will not allow you to change or modify the accompanying elements will not be as effective for you as a smaller company that charges less but provides a greater level of customer service. Speaking of service, reputation is also important. Opting for the lowest price, assuming it will be a great VPS deal, is just as foolhardy as paying too much. Make sure you investigate the reputation of any provider before signing a contract or letting them hold on to your data – those with low prices may start off as good deals, but when it turns out your data isn`t secure or mysteriously disappears, you will regret not having inquired online about your provider`s reputation.

Customization and Coupons

In order to get the best VPS hosting deals, look for a company that will allow you to customize your plan right out of the gate. You should be able to select how much space you need, what kind of resources you`ll want, and you should always have the chance to upgrade. This way, you won`t pay too much for what you don`t need, and can expand later as you need more resources.

You should also search out coupons or limited-time offers for VPS deals on the Web. With more and more providers getting into the hosting game, they are competing for customers, and are often willing to offer great introductory rates or special one-time deals to convince you to try their services. The market is heating up, and with a minor check on the background of the VPS provider you`re looking at, you can find that their coupons or special offers are a great starting point for hosting.

VPS deals are everywhere – getting the best one depends on a combination of price, customization, service, and provider reputation.

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