The cPanel Automated Control Panel Makes Managing Websites Painless

November 4, 2009 by Forrest Yingling
cPanel is the leader in hosting platform control panels and used by many  web hosts and webmasters.  cPanel allows clients to easily view statistics, perform email functions and manage files, preferences and databases as  well as many other features.

 The major advantage of cPanel is its simplistic point and click format  which makes life less complicated for web hosts and their clients alike.  The cPanel control panel forges an abundance of formerly tiresome tasks into  one easy to use, flexible and user-friendly interface.

 The advanced design of cPanel allows clients to manage their own accounts while reducing tasks that would normally have to be completed by the web host.  This helps put the power back into the hands of the customer. Website owners should have no fear that this control panel is too complex
 for them because it includes video tutorials as well as topnotch customer service and help files.

 cPanel simplifies functions like uploading and managing web pages,  creating email accounts, data backup, protecting site and bandwidth, viewing  in-depth visitor statistics and creating logs to aid in fixing problems. Additionally, the cPanel control panel allows users to easily install  common
 web applications such as WordPress blogs and forums.

 cPanel includes state of the art security defense such as virus protection and rootkit detection.  Furthermore, the software monitors and updates itself and will alert you instantly of any failed services or potential threats.

 cPanel is a fast, reliable and fully automated program that performs all  of the essential duties of hosting a website while outperforming similar control panel software.   cPanel is included for free in all of WebNet Hosting`s Miva Merchant e-commerce accounts.

 View a screenshot of WebNet Hosting`s CPanel page here

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