VPS Hosting: To Resell, or not to Resell

November 2, 2011 by Tim Attwood
Once you`ve made the move to a VPS from a shared server option, it`s time to start making the most of your new, virtual space. With great uptime, reliable support and a robust VPS control panel, you will have a wide variety of options for storage, data use and performance. This gives your company the chance to not only work within the confines of the virtual real estate you rent or own, but divide it up into smaller parcels of digitized land that you can use for a number of purposes.

Slicing it up – The Power of a Control Panel

When you purchase a VPS hosting plan, it may come with a VPS control panel, or you may have the option to install the control panel of your choice. Two of the most popular control panels on the market are cPanel and Plesk, both of which are aimed at helping you manage the functions of your server without having to invest a great deal of time and energy. Both control panels give you a graphical interface that allows you to install apps, monitor performance and will report on any issues that arise during the use of the server. In addition, a VPS control panel will also give you the ability to slice your server portion into smaller segments, which you can then use for a number of purposes.

Testing, Testing

One of the best uses for segmented server slices are as test servers for new apps or programs that are in development. The nature of virtualized technology means that you will be able to run your new program alone on the server slice of your choice, and not have to worry that it will adversely affect the data or other apps on your main server portion. Depending on the control panel and VPS platform you choose, it is possible to have a different OS running on each server slice, allowing you to not only test your new app in safety, but do so over multiple environments.

Hosting, Hosting

You can also use your now-multiple servers to host domains and websites, all of which can operate independently of each other. This is a great way to keep different aspects of a business separate, or to provide a way for a new business venture to thrive or fail on its own without ties to a parent company. It also allows for a cleaner design and a lack of clutter by giving each Web space its own piece of server to call home, rather than having it all jumbled together.

The Reseller Choice

Another option you may wish to consider is moving into the reseller VPS market. Many VPS providers will allow you to resell your server space to other clients, something easily done once you have sliced up your VPS using a control panel. You can offer customers as much or as little space as you want, and provide them with either total or minimal control over their new server. Through a control panel, you will be able to offer them apps and upgrades to buy, and both cPanel and Plesk offer easy billing solutions. While a reseller VPS may not be the first thing on your mind when you move into the VPS market, it is easy to create a reseller environment, and it can often be worth the cost to start with reseller-based hosting plan, even if you initially use it for your own testing and website environments. The potential for resale will remain, ready and waiting to be accessed when you decide the time has come.

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