What is web hosting?

May 9, 2011 by Priya Khopade
Web hosting is hosting your website on the internet. There are various options for hosting, from commercial Web hosts, to free Web hosts. Web Hosting has been growing steadily since the last decade and has become an essential means to conduct business online. Along with boom of e-commerce, entertainment and IT process automation; web hosting is one of the greatest technical innovations.
Today, there are millions of web sites and it is constantly growing with more and more business opting to establish their business presence online. This growth is also fueled by personal websites for people that understand this technology so that they can create their personal space online and be a part of this web revolution! Webhosting is a process of first obtaining a domain name and then looking for a space to host it online. Once the web host is chosen, one can upload the data to the web server to set up their site.
Basically Web Hosting allows you to upload & download your web pages whenever you require. When a URL (web address) is entered in any browser, the browser sends request to display that web page. This request travels through the browser to internet to the server where that website is located, so that the website can be downloaded.
There are various types of web hosting such as dedicated web hosting, shared hosting and collocation hosting etc. All web hosting are beneficial for managing websites, but selection of the right web host need to be identified based on needs and requirements of your business and web sites.

How does Web Server system work?
A computer server connected to the Internet to help facilitate commerce for small, medium to enterprise level clients offers the HTTP server (to access and store the web pages and files), SMTP server (to support mail services), FTP server (for files downloading) and NNTP server (for newsgroup). The computer containing all these servers is called the ‘’Web server’’. In simple words, a web server is the combination of computer server and the program installed on it. Web server interacts with the client through a web browser.
Web hosting is a need of time and it has become a vital part of any business strategy these days. There is a huge competition in the market for web hosting due to ever-growing demand for websites to promote the business to a larger customer base. To stay competitive, web hosts provide many benefits and promotions to entice customers to utilize their service.
Web hosting with the right host has brought a new concept to the internet world and has significantly minimized all the uncertainties, hassle and complications involved in managing a website.

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