Why Register for a Domain Name?

March 8, 2013 by Monika Roy
Why Register for a Domain Name?
Several large and small businesses have continuously entered the world of cyberspace to either advertise, or to sell their products and services. Surely, this method proves to be relevant as more people get engaged in using the technology, making it an effective tool for new knowledge and learning, as well as shopping.

As more businesses extend their resources over the Internet, it imposes higher risk for everyone. The world of Internet can be considered as a vast playground not only for people who want to use it as a tool for communication, but also for people who wish to engage into illicit activities. Some of these include hacking, breaching of private information, spamming and sending of computer viruses that are detrimental to the company’s information network.

To prevent these events from happening on your business system, you can implore the help of domain registry providers. Their main role is to setup your company’s domain name or unique identification on your web pages that enables to establish a secure and protected browsing environment for visitors on your site. Furthermore, they also ensure that all private information stored within your company’s servers shall remain confidential and owned solely by you.

The Internet is based on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. As such, every company server needs a Domain Name System (DNS) to translate it into an IP resource. Every registered name has a suffix that indicates the domain hierarchy or the group it belongs to. Few of these names include .gov (for government agencies), .edu (for educational institutions), .org (for non-profit organizations) and .com (for commercial businesses) as extension.

Another important function performed by domain registration is providing visibility and easy to memorize name for your webpage. It serves as a form of territory or ownership on the web site’s name. Users can also readily search for your brand if your website carries the same domain name. For instance, IBM’s web site is registered as ibm.com or Wikipedia site as Wikipedia.org.

Registering for a domain name is just one of the several ways companies can protect their information system. This strategy will still be a failure, however, if no proper security and maintenance support is in place. This includes setting up a robust firewall, installation of anti-viruses and a computer system with a stable server to support it.

Yes, these can be expensive for the businesses. But it’s better to invest on something that is up for a long haul!

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