Domain Name - Transferring a Domain Name

What is a Domain Transfer?

There are several different types of domain transfers, and a number of companies on the web offering domain transfer services. Generally speaking, Domain Transfers are available in the following three types:
  • From one hosting provider (ISP) to another
  • From one domain registrar to another
  • From one domain owner to another

Transferring a Domain From One Hosting Provider to Another
Transferring your domain name from your current hosting provider to another is a relatively simple task, and can usually be performed for you by your new hosting provider. If you would like to transfer your domain name yourself, simply complete the following steps:

  • Get your new server to send in a modification request to Internic. Upon receipt of the request, Internic will send you a modification letter, asking you if you are in agreement with the proposed transfer.
  • Check to make sure that the company name matches the organization name in the modification letter. The organization name will be near the bottom of the email. If these two names do not match, your transfer request will not be accepted.
  • You must return the modification letter from the email you registered your domain name under. If you no longer have access to that email account, please contact your new server.
  • When you respond to the modification request, make sure you put "Y" in the correct field. This signifies that you are in agreement with the proposed transfer. Do not write comments or ask questions in your response, because all modification requests are processed automatically.
If you decide to conduct your domain transfer on your own, the process should be complete within 3 days. If for some reason after three days the transfer still has not been completed, contact your new hosting provider for information.

Transferring a Domain Name From One Registrar to Another
Another type of Domain Transfer involves changing Domain Registrars. This type of transfer is ideal for people or businesses who have set up several different websites at different registrars, as it allows them to save money and consolidate their websites to one registrar, which makes for more convenient bill payments, domain re-registration and domain cancellation. Typically, hosting companies will take care of this service for you for free, however you will be required to register your domain for an additional year, which will be added to your existing registration.

Conditions for Changing Domain Registrars

  • No outstanding bills or payments to original registrar
  • Domain must be older than 60 days

Transferring a Domain Name From One Individual to Another
For more information on this topic, please see Buying a Domain Name.

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