Web Hosting Interview - WebLinkHosting September 2005

September 2005
Web Hosting Interview - WebLinkHosting September 2005

Anjelo Mathews, CEO, WebLinkHosting

Find out about WebLink Hosting's roll-over bandwidth plan, their 250,000 customers and more.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your history with Weblink Hosting?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: I'm a 35 year old graduate of MIT and I've recently acquired my PHD in computer engineering. I started WebLinkHosting.com a few years ago and strived for perfect customer support, best pricing and breath-taking uptime. I am really sure the reason why it has become so victorious so rapidly is because we make sure that every matter and difficulty our clientele face are resolved quickly. WebLink exploded in sales when we first launched and ever since then it has been on the rise at an enormous rate. In fact I've had to hire tons of extra help to keep up with a lot of the labor that needs to get done.
  • HOSTSEARCH: According to the Weblink Hosting website you have over 250,000 customers. What strategy did you use when you were starting out to get to where you are now?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: I primarily targeted big business around in the neighboring area. I do travel a lot and when I did I targeted as many businesses as I could while on the road. I was interested in all aspects of marketing so I took it upon myself to take a trip to the nearest bookstore and learn as much as I could. I began marketing via newsgroups, mailers and word of mouth. I also primarily pursued viral marketing and co-marketing techniques. One of my recent marketing strategies came with advertising on HostSearch in which we've experience a really great outcome.
  • HOSTSEARCH: You offer $100 for each referral for a $9.95 Xtra-Link hosting plan. How can you make a profit with such a large referral?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: It's actually very uncomplicated. With that referral, our customer base grows, word of mouth grows and we make over $100.00 even after we give out the $100 referral reward. We find it to be a win-win situation for us and our affiliates. Unlike other web hosting companies; I show them how they can immediately explode their affiliates' sales with us and make hundreds of extra dollars a month.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Weblink allows customers to roll-over unused bandwidth from month to month. How did this benefit come about and how long have you been running it?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: Before I started this company I did some research and found a few other companies that did in fact offer it. Come to find out it was all a plan for them just to lure customers into their business. I've developed a script that in fact does give you rollover bandwidth and let's you supervise it so you know exactly what is being rolled over and why.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you please describe your customer support services?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: Our customer support services range from email to telephone support. That is 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including Holiday's because we know that uptime and swift answers is what makes a very pleased customer. We have over 100 employee's that are ready to assist our clients with any question or concerns they may have no matter what it is. We can answer and solve any dilemma.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Is your web marketing package free with a hosting plan and what does the package include?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: This includes the choice of 2 preinstalled shopping carts for our customers to access. A merchant account for our clients to process credit cards. SSL certificates to secure their order forms and package for them to have their site submitted to over 10,000 search engines. Some of which include, Yahoo, Google, Excite etc. We take care of their needs and make sure their pleased.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What control panel do you offer?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: The only control panel that we offer and feel is the most excellent for our clients is the cPanel control panel. Ours if jam-packed with all kinds of scripts, traffic tools and management options.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you please describe the hardware in your data center and your connection to the Internet?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: Our connection is through Time Warner and we've pulled 3 OC-12 lines to ensure stability and speed every second of every day for our clients. The hardware we use primarily comes from DELL.
  • HOSTSEARCH: There has been a lot of news recently about hackers, even a Russian mafia gang that is blackmailing web sites with the threat of DDoS attacks. If one of your customers came to you saying they were being blackmailed like this how would you help them?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: We would let them know that we monitor all of our servers and if anyone of our servers ever came under an attack like that our 24/7 representatives will be notified immediately and take care of the problem and have nothing to worry about. Especially with all the security holes that we barren and Cisco firewall tools we've installed.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What can we expect to see from WebLink Hosting in the next 6 months?
    ANJELO MATHEWS: You can expect expansion. We're renovated a new datacenter and in the next 6 month you can expect great new plans, pricing and still the same wonderful support we have been giving.

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