Website Templates

Web site design templates are pre-made web designs which can be easily customized to fit any branding. High-quality template designs can be obtained from online sources without having to hire a designer or design studio. Basically, you purchase a template that contains the coding to make your site look the way you want it to, and plug in your content, creating your own unique site with a professional look.

Developing a website using a template has several advantages over building one from scratch. You can examine design schemes online at your leisure. Some sites offer a membership scheme that allows you access to all their templates and design elements for a year. And some template sites even offer the opportunity to secure a "unique" design so that no one else can use the template after you've purchased it. Template sites are constantly updated with new material.

Website templates are available in Photoshop and HTML formats. Products offered are user-friendly and easy to customize. Most HTML templates are compatible with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft Frontpage. Photoshop-based templates require Adobe Photoshop or software that has the ability to open PSD files.

Other templates are based on Microsoft's PowerPoint software, or revolve around Flash--the latter can be edited using Macromedia Flash MX. Supplemental elements such as custom fonts are often available.

Some template sites to check include:

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