Domain Names: A Game of Make it or Break it

March 3, 2012 by R. Mia
Domain Names: A Game of Make it or Break it
Ever wondered why some online stores are full of potentials and great offers but they end up being unsuccessful? A lot of things may have played a role in this it might be the poor planning, lack of marketing and promotions, an inefficient website or a poorly chosen domain name. Yes, domain names are a huge factor to consider if you are planning to launch a successful online business.

In order to understand its importance, think of domain names as names given to newborn babies. Parents spend a lot of time thinking simply because they want it unique and beautiful. The same thing applies in the case of choosing a domain name for your website. It serves as their identity in the World Wide Web that makes them distinct from the rest. While there are no specific guidelines when it comes to choosing or buying the perfect domain name, there are some points to ponder on that could serve as key points.

Keep your domain name short, direct and easy to recall. Majority of internet users are looking for quick access to information and as they rely on the internet for most of the inquiries they want the answers in simple format that can be understood just in a glance. It would be easier to remember a one word domain name compared to lengthy ones that are usually hyphenated. Think of words that can stir the curious minds of the readers, something that can catch the attention. Curiosity will lead prospective customers to check out your website.

Domain names should be related to the website’s category. Avoid using words that might provide people with the wrong idea about the products and services that you offer. Make sure to use SEO keywords in order to enhance your site’s search engine potential. A little internet research could provide you with words that are related to your business category.

For faster results use domain name search tools that can help you determine quickly if the name you have in mind is already registered. The use of this tool is widely popular because of the convenience that it provides to people who are in a hurry to come up with a unique domain name. Using it is also easy; all you need to do is type your desired domain name and it will tell you if it’s available or not.

But the best option especially for those who are in a time constraint and running out of ideas is to purchase a domain name that is already registered. It cuts the time that you need to spend getting everything settled and ready and you can move on and perform the other tasks involved in designing and launching a website.

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