Ensuring the Safety and Security of a Website

February 19, 2013 by R. Mia
Ensuring the Safety and Security of a Website
With all the benefits and the convenience that the internet has provided the society, it also has its own set of drawbacks. One of the major disadvantages in using the internet is the risk involved in exposing one’s personal information online. Now more than ever, with the tools and expertise of some people, it has become easier to access personal and confidential files through website hacking and other forms of online security attacks.

As a website owner or administrator, part of your responsibility is to provide the visitors of your site the assurance that it is safe and secured. This is particularly important for sites engaged in online shopping. Massive amount of data traffic goes through the World Wide Web every second and it may contain highly sensitive material or personal information. It is often through the exchange of data that hackers attack the system in order to gain access of such information. A security breach may cause a site to lose not only a huge amount of money but potential and existing customers as well.

A business that depends greatly on online marketing and promotion should consider investing their resources in ensuring that the website is free from any breach of security or that it is ready to counter any attacks from hackers. One way to ensure site security is by installing a firewall. Consider a firewall as your website’s first line of defense against any possible attacks. It performs routine security checks and blocks any possible threats at its initial detection. There are a number of companies that provide services including firewall protection. Subscription rate for such services are often reasonable considering the tough competition in this field.

There are also tools and software programs that can be installed by web host providers and designers at the initial stage of site development in order to strengthen its protection against cyber-attacks. These programs need to be updated at a regular basis in order to maintain its standards. Many of these software programs are developed and updated constantly to address the issues involving breach of security.

Companies can also hire independent web developers and online security experts that will examine their existing procedures in online security and later on make the necessary recommendations in order to enhance their security. Third party consulting firms often provide feedback and suggestions as to the right kinds of web applications necessary to strengthen a website’s security against hackers and other online attacks on security.

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