How To Identify Your Web Hosting Requirements?

July 26, 2012 by Will Smith
How To Identify Your Web Hosting Requirements?
If you are new to the world of website hosting and looking for a good web host, it is time for you to first carefully analyze your actual web hosting requirements before selection of the web host.

Many business owners commit the mistake of emphasizing too much on advanced website hosting features like databases and scripting that they actually forget that they had to focus primarily on actual hosting needs. In order to avoid this common mistake, it is important for you to first understand the concept of web space so that estimating actual requirements (in the context of cheapest web hosting) becomes easy for you.

Web space refers to the disk space or amount of data that can be stored by you on the hard disk of the website server. The amount of web space required by you would depend on many factors, including size of the website. While text occupies very little space on a website, flash animations or heavy images take too much of web space. So if you are running or about to run a website that would be primarily about flash and images, you should go for a web hosting plan that comes with big web space and you can do with around 50 MB or 100 MB if you have a website that is more focused on text and not much on flash and heavy images.

It is also important for you to note that a big majority of internet users across the world still rely on dial-up connections that mean large and heavy images or websites with them would take a lot of time to properly open up. This approach to website designing and development should be avoided as most users would not think a second before closing the website and head straight to some other website, which obviously means loss of sales and customers. The point to be conveyed is that you should try to maintain size of web pages to 50-60 KB (including images on the web page), which take about 6-10 seconds would while a web page with a size of 150-170 KB would probably take about 15-25 seconds. If your site is visited by around 20,000 visitors per month and each web page is of 30 KB, you would need about 1.8 GB (1800 MB) of bandwidth on a monthly basis.

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