Killer Chrome Apps for Gmail We Think You Need

June 10, 2015 by Staff Writer
Killer Chrome Apps for Gmail We Think You Need
Gmail is, very probably, the best cloud-based email solution currently available. More than any other system, Gmail has been responsible for the death of the email client installed on your computer hard drive. It is fast, flexible, and above all highly intuitive and highly usable.

Despite all this glowing praise, did you know that Gmail can be made even better? How? Using Google Chrome Apps, that's how.

Google Chrome Apps are applications that are exclusive to the Google Chrome web browser and enhance the functionalities of the various core Google Apps For Work‎ functions (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.). When accessed via Google Chrome, Google Chrome Apps add some surprisingly useful capabilities to Gmail. Here then is a list of a few Google Chrome Apps we think you might want to use with Gmail.

Checker Plus for Gmail

There is no greater nuisance than continually having to logout of one Gmail account and login to another. This Google Chrome App allows you to keep all your Gmail addresses active, meaning they are open and you can switch between email accounts easily. In addition, the app sends you a notification when any email is received to any of your accounts, which is a glorious addition to Gmail capability, and one Google really should look into itself. This is a really useful tool, especially for those involved in tasks that are dependent on receiving emails and using a number of different accounts. Absolutely splendid.


Boomerang is another splendid app which allows you to schedule when an email is sent out. This is useful for so many purposes, not least gaining kudos from your boss for working so late on your projects!

Install Boomerang and below your standard "Send" button in the Gmail interface sits another button which allows you to set a time when an email will actually be launched.

In addition, Boomerang allows you to setup recurring emails, which is very reminiscent of Microsoft Outlook, and extremely useful for those regular tasks you need to remember to do, but never can. It really does take Gmail to the next level. This is a genuine time saver.

Gmail Offline

Did I say the email client on your PC is dead? Well, fact is, it does happen... a lot less than in the dialup days, but it still does happen - you are at work and your Internet or wifi is down and you don't have access to your Gmail account. Gmail Offline works in the background, mirroring your Gmail account activity, so when disaster strikes, everything you need is available (not backups from the whole suite of tools - just your Gmail account). You can work on Gmail Offline as if it were you regular account and when everything is restored, the offline emails you typed up and sent will find their destination. The perfect 'Plan B' and a good thing to install - just in case.

Signature for Gmail

Gmail already has a good interface where you can set up a signature for your emails (the details that appear at the bottom of your email that include telephone number, etc.).

However, if you want something 'snazzy' you really need to do a bit of work with the standard signature tool. Although you get there in the end, Signature for Gmail represents a really useful shortcut to brightening up your communications and making them more useful for their recipients. Simple to use and an effective way to enhance how your emails look. Another winning app.

Do you know of any other Google Chrome Apps worthy of mention? Let us know your thoughts. Add your comments below.

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