Move from Shared Hosting to the Cloud!

April 19, 2011 by Priya Khopade
Move from Shared Hosting to the Cloud!
What is cloud for you? A technical terminology, a marketing hype or the technical revolution in the field of IT? Let it be anything out of the three mentioned over here, it is certainly different from the shared hosting platform you might be using currently. If you have pulled your sox to move to cloud, wait! Read this blog to get fair idea about what are critical points to be considered.

Cloud: Not Just a terminology or marketing hype
Cloud basically is a network of servers to provide the hosting solution for your website unlike the traditional web hosting platform. It denotes real resources that lie in the cloud rather than on a shared hosting server. There are some differentiating points in terms of benefits offered by Cloud hosting compared to regular shared hosting. It offers you maximum performance when connecting to data storage and input output performance issues, especially in production environments.
Ask the experts
Before allowing transition from shared hosting to cloud, get detailed information about why to move to cloud & when? These are crucial points for your business as it should get only the required resources ensuring smooth functioning. In my previous blog, ‘Defining Cloud For Your Business’ I have mentioned about what are pre-requisites while adopting cloud to your business. Our experts are well equipped to help you transit shared hosting to Cloud environment seamlessly with offering cost effective performance based package. You pay only for resources that you are actually using allowing a dedicated access to a specified pool of resources for each computer in the network.
Research on right package as per your business needs
Unfortunately there could be some variations in the performance between different hosting companies on periodical basis. You need to choose the best fit to match your business needs. Judge them on the resources they would provide compared to your business requirements & cross check cost effectiveness with other packages available in the market. One thing you should not forget is, check if they provide all those features promised and mentions them on receipt or invoice.

There are number of benefits of running shared hosting in the clustered environment. However, if you fail to choose right vendor, you will encounter the issue of difficulty in setting up and maintenance issues as a result. Hence, systems typically go down as a result of configuration errors and human errors. Therefore it is crucial to choose right vendor & right package that meets your business needs for better performance.
Cloud environment helps you manage traffic to your website and gives you flexibility of utilizing resources as required. Cloud pertains competitive cost with other types of hosting and it offers improved performance and efficiency.

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